Its a new year may 2015 be the year we RIDETOPLESS!

Time to come together and get Republicans elected! 

WE voted CHARLIE BAKER into office. Lets hope for something good out of  republican governor. 
More work to do lets get some more republicans elected and change the make up of the house and senate here in Massachusetts. Your votes in each individual election get this done.

Its riding season; you all should be pissed that you WERE forced to ride with a helmet while NH and ME and RI ride free. 
 Motorcycle owners are a voting block 180,000 strong in massachusetts and can change elections and the state laws governing Motorcycles. 

"Here I encounter the most popular fallacy of our times. It is not considered sufficient that the law be just; it must be philanthropic. Nor is it sufficient that the law should guarantee to every citizen the free and inoffensive use of his faculties for physical, intellectual,and moral self-improvement. Instead,it is demanded that the law should directly extend welfare, education, and morality throughout the nation.
This is the seductive lure of socialism. And I repeat again; these two uses of the law are in direct contradiction to each other. We must choose between them. A citizen cannot at the same time be free and not free."   
Frederic Bastiat  1850
Vote against the status Quo! 



The Democratic Leadership of this state has screwed us for over 40 years now.

No matter what we try. We tried to force them, no change, we tried helping them, no change, and we tried working the system like they wanted, no change. 



We have been sleeping with the enemy too long and it has brought us nothing but empty promises and lies and more empty promises.



Votes are the only thing they listen too.


Send the Democratic Leadership a huge message ,I think the number of  new republican house members was a wake up call.

If the state of Massachusetts had no helmet law or modified the current antiquated helmet law; motorcycle tourism would increase exponentially.  Giving the State more revenue!

Biker bucks are leaving our state and not coming in from other states!Lost revenue is bad for Massachusetts.
Massachusetts antiquated helmet law delivers millions of dollars to the surrounding states in tourism money. NH alone generates over 100 million dollars a year from motorcycle tourism. Could Massachusetts use that shot in the arm? Most motorcyclists understand that if only 25% of the Massachusetts motorcycle riding public went out on a Saturday and spent 30 dollars each the states businesses would see 1.3 million in sales and the state gets sales tax,meals tax,and gas taxes generated from all that money spent. That is just one Saturday and most of us spend more than 30 dollars on a day of riding.
Why is it that the legislature doesn't see the forest through the trees when it comes to motorcycle tourism. Think of all the riders from the surrounding states who would come to Massachusetts and spend their money if it weren't for the fact that they would have to go out and buy a helmet to enter our state.
The legislature should see what a farce helmets really are yet they will bury their heads in the NHTSA flawed data and listen to the biased NTSB spout helmets are the savior of all those leather wearing types. Sad that some fairly smart individuals can be loaded up with false or misleading information and just tow the federal government nanny state line for three decades. Seems they do very little in the Legislature that is for justice and freedom,they would rather vote to stay elected than vote for the right to freedom of choice (right reps and senators?).

A study was done in Michigan on what the revenue increase would be if the helmet law was repealed.

An independent consulting firm, (Michigan Consultants) estimates an annual Tourism increase of 53.9 million dollars, New sales and accessory increases of 500 million dollars (motorcycle industry),and over 2700 new jobs between tourism and sales with a helmet law repeal. All of the great lakes states with the exception of Michigan are helmet choice. Michigan is a tremendous untapped resource for motorcycle touring, particularly the Upper Peninsula. It is a shame Michigan is not motorcycle friendly. Many of us leave the state to ride and spend our free time and money. Most out of state riders avoid our state. Michigan should be embracing the motorcycle touring phenomenon which has skyrocketed across our country with a fervor. The Upper Peninsula is being robbed of a huge financial boon that they NEED. The summer months in the Upper Peninsula which has the roads, motels, eateries, and casinos already in place for fall deer hunters and winter snowmobilers would find motorcyclists to be the perfect summer resource, that would have little impact on their roads, the wildlife, or be a negative intrusion upon the other seasonal activities.

What we need is bravery in the Statehouse!
If the state legislature mainly Speaker of the house Robert DeLeo would allow a helmet bill to see a full vote in the House of Representatives, it would pass. In a previous legislative session then House Ways and Means Chairman DeLeo told the motorcycle community that he would see that the helmet modification bill passed by the senate that session would make it out of his committee. He chose to be a willing participant with lobby groups to kill the chance for freedom to be returned. He and those groups should be ashamed, I was ashamed for them. 
I would hope this session when the Senate approves the current helmet  modification bill that Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo would do the brave thing and actually reinstate the freedom stolen from the motorcyclist in the late sixties. The history of our current antiquated helmet bill is the story of the federal government bullying the state of Massachusetts into passing a helmet bill. They were going to withhold highway funds from the state of Massachusetts. The legislature  and leadership at the time thought money was far more important than freedom. Let's hope that has changed. When men and women were returning from serving their country the Federal government and the Massachusetts legislature stole freedom for which they were fighting to protect. The freedom of choice to wear or not to wear a helmet seems to some a small thing. To a veteran freedom does not come cheaply.



Therese Murray and her minions did it again.

The Massachusetts Senate provided the 2010 budget for all to see. The suited thieves got away with $168,748 provided by Motorcyclists for their own safety it was line item 8400-0016.  The suited thieves used the usually fuzzy styled math they use each year to steal funds from motorcyclists.

If there are 179000 registered bikes in MA in 2009, then logically the fund should have $358,000  dollars in it. Yet the fools on the hill will get away with robbery again as the average motorcyclists does not look to see what is in their safety fund. AS of 2010 the fund no longer exists.

There are 181,000 registered bikes in MA and over 200,000 licensed motorcycle riders in MA. THAT IS ONE HUGE VOTING BLOCK!

Helmets don't prevent accidents!
Education and awareness saves lives a proven fact in 2007! 40% reduced fatalities in no small part due to the MMA and Plymouth Rock Insurance Company's Check twice sign program.

Do you know what the whole helmet argument is about? It is certainly not about safety! 

Its about freedom of choice. I remember reading a document called the Declaration of Independence. If I remember correctly it had something in it about all men are created equal and we had the right to the pursuit of happiness. Yet in Massachusetts for the biker this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Todays Massachusetts' motorcycle rider has to wear a helmet,no choice,no freedom to choose,no pursuit of happiness for the Massachusetts' biker.

You as a Massachusetts' biker are treated differently than auto drivers. They can be killed more frequently and cost more in health care but we have to wear a helmet for safety. Car drivers are 14% of all head trauma costs for motor vehicle accidents per the CDC. Motorcycle riders are only 6% so the social burden argument seems to be that car drivers are the social burden yet we have to wear helmets for safety.  Let us consider a more concrete example of just and unjust laws. An unjust law is a code that a numerical or power majority group compels a minority group to obey but does not make binding on itself The Massachusetts legislature was fooled into believing that we are incapable of having freedom,they know better and are scared to change the law.
I don't know if they understand that the riders know the good and the bad of the helmet argument and are capable of making their own decision.



The medical argument seems to be the other side of the aisle here,when well funded political action committee's can get politicians ears; the average biker is out maneuvered. Bikers in Massachusetts have a Political Action Committee of their own but the average biker can't spare $100 dollars to give. I suggest if you want to help give $5 dollars,$10 dollars. It would be something if all bikers gave; to see $200,000 to fight with in the Massachusetts Motorcyclists PAC

Their whole argument is that helmets save lives,yet all motorcyclist that die in MA have helmets on. They do not mention the vehicle to vehicle accident factor; where accidents caused by an inattentive auto driver seem to go unnoticed. The medical side has well funded misinterpreted studies  with their view of motorcyclists used to back their argument up.

We need ammunition to fight this argument.
They have paid lobbyist who do nothing but visit Politicians, and pay contributions to politicians to get them to see their way. We have a dedicated all volunteer army to counter them. 

We need more and getting money to the Massachusetts motorcyclists PAC is the answer!

Doctors don't believe in our personal choice!

To them I say, wash your hands,use the Purell you are supplied with,more people die from hospital acquired infections directly related to Doctors not washing their hands than die on motorcycles.

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