Its a new year may 2015 be the year we RIDETOPLESS!

Helmet Law Change- Vote Republican
The city to date has issued 0 tickets to any biker because this lawsuit was filed. The boston city council pulled a bone headed move as they picked the wrong group of citizens to pick on. Bikers don't just roll over and watch. So a few will be filing suit against the city to get rid of this illegal ordinance. The suit was filed on July 3rd and a few bikers showed up for the first effort to kill this city ordinance. Update the lawsuit was dismissed because none of the defenders of our rights has been ticketed.In fact no one has been ticket because these individuals filed this suit. Now they move on to the next step in the court process. Update to follow on outcome. 
The Boston City Council is trying to attack bikers.    You as a bike owner will only be allowed to have an original equipment maker exhaust system on your bike made after 1982 but there is a problem with this ordinance. This discriminatory action being taken by the boston city council is no more than a revenue producing and business revenue reducing act. Now I am not calling the city council ignorant but if the research they did fits, I am saying the act of going after a ordinance that is founded on a manufacturing non -standardized stamp that is only good for one year or 3730 miles is kind of silly. So after one year the stamp needs to be verified by a sound test. This standard is no good after one year or 3730 miles.
Also new info has arrived.
64 of 66 new unsold bikes checked at Boston dealership found to not have stamps "readily visible". City Councilman LaMattina said that this was a "simple" standard just look for the stamp its there "very Simple". How can that be? Does this mean that the City Council did no real research on this matter? I would say right now Mr. Lamattina is a little scared as he led his fellow council members on this path of litigation by misleading them. This ordinance could cost the city over 300,000 dollars not to mention use the city attorneys time.

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